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Hi. Thank you for visiting my webpage. My name is Helena Lorenc and I am a Career Advisor, Youth Worker, Trainer and Erasmus+ enthusiast.

Four years ago I started building this project aimed at czech students promoting afterschool activities among them. This is done through a database of afterschool activities full of opportunities such as volunteering, internships or scholarships.

Feel free to contact me in case you are interested in webinar/lecture/workshop in topics related to career counselling such as Personal Branding or LinkedIn or you would be interested in career counseling session.


Helena Lorenc | LinkedIn

I would be happy to help you with:
📌 writing CV, cover letter
📌 LinkedIn profile
📌 job search strategy
📌 afterschool activities and opportunities abroad for students
📌 preparing for a job interview
📌 personal branding
📌 setting career goals
📌 providing career related information

👉🏻 👉🏻 Being open to internship roles and projects in Career counselling, Human Resources, Psychology, Internationalization and Non-formal education 👈🏻👈🏻
Do you feel like I would be a match to your project? Do you need my support in your career development?
📧 Do not hesitate to contact me at 📧 or
📌 Found out more about Budaktivni (in Czech language) at 📌

🌸 Studying HR in Industrial Enterprises I gained my first HR experience during the bachelor study. About 5 years ago I came across a career counselling thanks to my mentor and since that time I have been working on university and non-profit level especially with high school and university students preparing them for job interviews, helping them with their personal brand, Resume writing, preparing materials for scholarships and advising them about opportunities abroad.

🌸 In 2018 I launched a non profit project called which aim is to raise an awareness about afterschool activities. I run a database with more than 300 afterschool activities for students at all stages.

🌸 Last 5 years I have been active at the Duke of Edinburgh´s International Award. First I gained all levels and then I became a Mentor, Trainer and Ambassador. I am also involved in Alumni Club and newly established Youth Advisory Board.

🌸 This year I am starting studying my dream major – Psychology.

🌸 I had an opportunity to did my study exchange in South Korea, volunteering in the UK, Erasmus+ traineeship in the Netherlands, writing my master thesis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and participated at several youth exchanges and training courses through Erasmus+ (Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Poland), My passion is volunteering so I have helped in many projects and organisations since my high school study (from hospitals through local TEDx to camps for children with autism)

🌸 I am into writing articles, giving lectures in various topics, maintaing websites and social media and writing projects (KA2 and Solidarity project under the European Solidarity Corps). As my Alma Mater is a technical university I have basic knowledge of Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, WordPress and formatting in LaTeX.